Scope of the Symposium

The symposium encompasses all topics related to the recycling and recovery of polymeric waste like waste plastics (municipal, industrial, production, process, e-waste) and biomass.

  • Chemical Feedstock
  • Mechanical recycling of waste plastics
  • Thermo-chemical recycling (pyrolysis, gasification, combustion etc.) for industrial, municipal plastic waste and biomass
  • Biological routes for industrial, municipal plastic waste and biomass (biogas, bio-alcohols, etc.)
  • Recovery of organics, inorganics, and metals from composite materials (CFRP, solar batteries and panels, etc.)
  • E-waste treatment techniques
  • Polymer waste management
  • Legislation in waste management
  • Sustainability – LCA studies
  • Polymeric waste availability and conversion methods – statistics and strategies
  • Socio-economic questions of recycling
  • Marine microplastics
  • etc.