Call for Papers

Presentation Registration

Those who wish to have an oral and poster presentation at ISFR2023 should provide an overview of the work in max. 150 words. The author should choose a preferred type of contribution, either oral or poster presentation. The final decision about the acceptance is subjected to the scientific committee.

Deadline for presentation registration: 31st August, 2023 (JST)
8th September, 2023 (JST)

Abstract Submission

After the presentation registration, please submit the abstract.
Abstract format

Deadline for abstract submission: 29th September, 2023 (JST) Closed

Please note that all the applicants are requested to complete the conference registration by 8th September, 2023.

Submission Procedures

Click the "Go to Submission page" button on this page. We recommend you to register early, for the online submission system is likely to be heavily accessed as the deadline approaches.

Applicants registering for the first time are requested to make a new account entering their personal information first.

Read and follow the instruction on the screens, and fill in the required fields. The items you are required to fill in are as follows:

1. Presentation Registration

  • Presenting author's personal information
  • Name of authors (no more than 20 authors), affiliated institutions (no more than 10 institutions)
  • Preferred presentation type (Oral/Poster/either)
  • Category: Please select ONE most suitable topic for your presentation
    1. Chemical Feedstock
    2. Mechanical recycling of waste plastics
    3. Thermo-chemical recycling (pyrolysis, gasification, combustion etc.) for industrial, municipal plastic waste and biomass
    4. Biological routes for industrial, municipal plastic waste and biomass (biogas, bio-alcohols, etc.)
    5. Recovery of organics, inorganics, and metals from composite materials (CFRP, solar batteries and panels, etc.)
    6. E-waste treatment techniques
    7. Polymer waste management
    8. Legislation in waste management
    9. Sustainability – LCA studies
    10. Polymeric waste availability and conversion methods – statistics and strategies
    11. Socio-economic questions of recycling
    12. Marine microplastics
    13. Others
  • Title of presentation
  • Short abstract: max. 150 words.

2. Abstract Submission (Oral/Poster)

After finishing presentation registration, please submit your abstract from menu page of the online submission system.

- Please download the “Abstract format” (MS word file) on this page and complete your abstract.

- Files must be submitted as a PDF file, and the filename should consist of the family name and the first letter of first name of presenting author. (ex.) yamada_a.pdf

- Please use A4 paper size, do NOT use standard "letter" paper size.

- The abstract must be one page only.

After finishing presentation registration and abstract submission, you will receive "notification message" to your registered e-mail address (ID) for confirmation. If you do not receive such an e-mail within 24 hours, please contact:

Modify and update your registered information

You can modify your registered information until the deadline by logging in to the online submission page.

After the deadline of submission, no modifications, changes, or additions whatsoever to the registered information are permitted.

Please take great care to ensure that no mistakes are made before your submission.

Personal Information Protection

Registered personal information use only for the conference.

The information is protected and securely saved with necessary security.

Notification of acceptance

The final decision about the acceptance is subjected to the scientific committee.

Please note that the scientific committee will conclusively decide the presentation type (oral or poster) and the presentation category according to the registration number, country balance, etc.

Please register your presentation first and submit the abstract from here.